10 Great Items You Never Pack But Should!

While packing for vacation can be stressful for many, it is one of my favorite parts of vacation! I know, I know...strange but true. In fact, you may find me packing for vacation a month ahead of time. I just love the organizing, the planning and details that go into packing.

I have found some 10 really helpful items to pack that you may have not considered:

  1. Pre-addressed address labels for luggage tags, postcards etc.

  2. Corkscrew, if you plan to purchase wine

  3. Spare Duffle Bag: for your souvenirs

  4. Pop Up Hamper: for dirty laundry

  5. Extension Cord/Power Strip: you may need additional plugs to charge your camera etc.

  6. Flashlight

  7. Snorkeling Gear: if you plan to snorkel

  8. Over the Door shoe holder this is a great way to store toiletries etc

  9. Ziploc bags, for wet swimsuits etc.

  10. Soft-sided, collapsible cooler to store snacks (great for beach or cruise vacations)

What item(s) can you not leave home without?

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