Not ALL All-Inclusive Resorts are Created Equal

One thing that they don’t tell you about All-Inclusive Resorts is that they are definitely not all created equal. There's a BIG difference between a Riu Resort and a Grand Velas Resort.

So how do you pick the right all-inclusive for your family vacation? Here’s five things you will need to consider:

  • Location

  • Adults Only or Family Friendly

  • Cuisine

  • Clientele

  • Size


Is being on a beach front a priority? Or would you rather be a few blocks away from the beach but closer to the local city? Personally, I'm not a "beach girl." So I don't need to be lounging on the beach, looking at one is nice, but I'd rather have a nice pool with pool service!

Adults Only or Family Friendly

Family Resorts aren't full of screaming kids and they certainly aren't a horrible place to vacation. Adult Only Resorts, in my opinion, have a completely different atmosphere. They tend to be a bit more upscale and more personalized service. Now the question is do you want an Adults Only Resort that's more quiet and relaxing or more lively and fun?


Even if you're not a foodie, the food and beverage element is extremely important. A bad meal can easily ruin your day. Are you okay with a buffet? Or would you rather eat at a restaurants with different cuisine types? Or do you enjoy true fine dining? Think AAA 5 Diamond


Believe it or not, some resorts cater to different clientele. For example, they might offer a "resident special" for locals. There are also some resorts that cater to Europeans. Americans tend to have "higher standards" than Europeans, so you might find yourself disappointed in the food, service, and décor.


Size of the resort is going to also be something you want to consider. The big "mega resorts" are going to have countless activity options! Some may have waterparks, dolphin swims, multiple pools, etc. However; some may be so big that they have golf carts to shuttle you around the resort. That isn't appealing to some. A more boutique resort is going to have less "main attraction" but, in my opinion, more luxurious and offer personalized service.

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