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Our Love Letter to Travel

This year, there is a lot to love and look forward to in the travel industry.

Here is what the White Glove Destinations team loves about working in the travel industry. Think of this as our love letter to travel!

“I started in the travel industry basically because so many of my friends were struggling with planning their own vacations. So I stepped in to ensure they had a great time. I love that the most about this industry. We get to help people have incredible experiences and memories and how many jobs can do that!?! “ - Heidi Marlowe, Owner

“I love working in the travel industry because I get to work with couples and families not only in my own community, but nationwide too! I get to meet some pretty amazing people from all over the country - New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Utah...even Canada! I love getting to know my client’s on a personal level.They become less “clients”, and more friends! A passion for travel truly can connect people around the world.” -Hallie Gleave

“I love the travel industry because we get to bring happiness and memories to our clients. What’s more fun than getting to come alongside a family in the planning of their trip, get to share in their excitement and see and hear about what fun they have had? We have the honor of helping to make memories that will last a lifetime!” - Jamie Wood

“I love the travel industry because it provides opportunity for new adventure and experience. I love providing families memories to keep with them that will last a lifetime.” - Amy Bottorff

“I love the travel industry because it allows me to help other families do what I love to do with my own! I love being part of the lifelong memories that others create through their travel experiences. I love the energy and excitement that planning for and going on vacation brings!” - Kynsley Davis

“One of the reasons I love to travel is to make memories with my loved ones. I love being a part of helping make memories for my clients and their families.” - Larissa Hughes

“I love being a part of the travel industry because I get to help people create memories with their families. Many times people come to me and are stressed and don't know which way to turn. I love creating a relationship of trust with them to the point that they know this isn't just my "job". They know I want them to have a memorable, relaxing vacation that they can just let me handle the gritty details and they can enjoy themselves!” -Emily Hood

“I love the travel industry because I know the kind of impact vacations can make on families and couples! I grew up in a family that truly valued quality time and experiences that created lasting memories. Being able to help facilitate those kinds of fun adventures and relationship building trips just brings me so much joy!! It’s a “job,” but it’s really a gift to be able to partner with clients and help them plan a vacation that they will look back on fondly for forever.” - Lauren Anderson

Happy Valentines Day from our team to you! We would love to hear what is your favorite thing about travel? Tell us in the comments below.

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