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Denver's Best Craft Breweries

Denver’s craft brewing scene is hot right now; there’s so much passion behind the craft beer revolution in the area! Last year, Colorado was the third-largest craft beer-producing state, in terms of breweries in operation, behind California and New York. That’s 423 breweries, and that’s a lot of beer!

Just mentioning all the talented breweries in and around Denver would require a massive undertaking, but we can surely mention a few projects with a solid reputation. It comes without saying the breweries discussed below are just a drop in the bucket and are meant to show you there’s talent in the ‘Mile High City.’ Let’s get started!

1. Rock Bottom Brewery

With the concept of Tank to Table, Rock Bottom is not only a fantastic brewery in Downtown Denver but also a community beacon. Here, master craft brewers come up with new and exciting brews with the highest quality standards and plenty of room for creativity.

Eating at Rock Bottom is heaven for foodies and beer lovers alike, and with 15 freshly brewed beers on tap, from IPAs to sour beers, there’s something for everyone. Try the Weizen Wheat Beer, the Belgian Wicked Elf, and the English-style barrel-aged Kitten Barley Wine.

2. Wynkoop Brewing Company

One of the first craft brewpubs in Denver, the Wynkoop Brewing Company, founded in 1988, is an institution. The brewery crafts over 40 different beer styles regularly, from good old lagers to experimental, seasonal releases.

What started as a basement-based operation is now one of the most successful breweries in the city. The food at Wynkoop’s The Coop restaurant is amazing too! Think Thai Peanut Chicken Wings, Nashville Chicken, and BBQ Chicken Pizza. Chicken is a thing here. Try the seasonal Wynkoop Classic Yamber, a pumpkin/yam beer, and the pleasingly tangy Berliner Weisse.

3. Prost Brewing

We’re sure you can imagine German-style beers are well represented at Prost Brewing. This is one of the liveliest beer gardens in Denver, which means hearty food and awesome beer.

Here it’s Oktoberfest every day, and a complete collection of German-style beers on tap will really make you feel at the Old Continent. Try the creamy Weissbier, the thirst-quenching Pilsner, or the malty Helles; they’re all painfully crafted with the most traditional and labor-intensive processes using the highest quality ingredients. For the most authentic German beer experience, there’s no place like Denver’s Prost Brewing.

4. Cerveceria Colorado

What would a craft beer scene be without some Mexican spirit? Cerveceria Colorado is a picturesque, fun project bringing Mexican-style cervezas to Denver. Beer and friends, that’s the motto here; this is a taproom to feel right at home.

Of course, you’ll find some proper Mexican lagers, but also fun undertakings, including a Churro Stout and Pineapple Blonde Ale. How does a Passion Fruit IPA sound? Well, Cerveceria Colorado is all this and more.

Let’s Support Local Breweries!

The craft beer scene in Denver has gained notoriety in the past years, but this results from the good work local breweries are doing and the community’s support. Local support is the real secret behind the beer industry’s success.

Denverites sure love a cold one, and with this quality, it’s easy to see why the city is becoming an authentic beer capital. Go on out and support your closest Denver breweries. With such a wide variety, there’s something to please every palate, that’s guaranteed.

Are you ready to explore the Mile High City?

Contact Hallie today to start planning your getaway!

(Hallie was raised and still lives in Denver Metro Area!)

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