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2021 Travel Trends by Hallie

As we round out the first month of the new year, let’s look back and reflect on the good and bad from the past 12 months. By considering those things, it helps us to prepare for the upcoming 12 months. We adjust or change those things that didn’t work in our favor, and we repeat or elaborate on those that did. This goes for everything from personal relationships, to cooking, to travel. And, boy, have we seen a lot of changes in travel over the past years! Check out some anticipated travel trends that will make an appearance this coming year. Staying Local There will most definitely be a trend towards domestic travel in the coming year. This will give people a much needed and wanted opportunity to connect with their own culture and history. Starting from your backyard and moving slowly through your country is a great way to learn more about where you come from. Spend a few days exploring a town a few hours from home. Take a weekend getaway downtown! The options are endless.

Focus on outdoor activities We spent a lot of time inside this year. In 2021 we will see an uptick in outdoor travel activities. Camping, hiking, biking, skiing – really anything that gets us close to nature will be reasons for us to venture out this coming year. Look into campgrounds and hiking trails both close to home and a few states over. Outdoor dining, that includes more farm to table type experiences, is a great way to partake in this trend if you aren’t as enthusiastic about ‘being one with nature’. Living in Colorado, I am so blessed to be able to venture outdoors every month of the year!

Farm to Fork

Speaking of farm to table, or should we say farm to fork…we already know that tons of people travel because of food. It brings people together and is a great way to learn about a certain location (domestic or foreign). In 2021, we will see trends towards these foodies taking more of an interest in the ingredients in a dish, where they come from, and the environmental impact producing them has. Seeing where and how things are planted and harvested through food and farm tours is a great way to get involved in this trend. You’re already off to a great start if you’ve ever been apple picking!

Private Tours

This past year we learned a lot about how very important it is to be with our families and loved ones. This has sparked a trend towards more private and intimate experiences with them. Rather than being on a tour with 25 people that we don’t know, private tours with our 5 or 6 close family members or friends seems to be more our speed this coming year.

Offline Travel

As much as our world revolves around being digital, 2021 may see a rise in people focusing on detaching from their devices, especially while traveling. Travelers are working on immersing themselves fully in their experiences and being present with those they have around them. Although this doesn’t mean that electronics such as cell phones and cameras will disappear. Travelers will use their devices for quickly capturing important moments so that they can reflect on them and share only after they return back home.

These trends aren’t all that new in the grand scheme of things. But, after reflecting on the past year, we can see that people want to reconnect with both their loved ones and the world around them. I can’t wait to explore in 2021 and see how these trends will influence what we do and where we go! Cheers!

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