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Top Five Date Spots in Houston!

Even though taking regular vacations right now is a little tricky, “staycations” are a great way to satisfy the urge to travel overseas! My husband Trevor and I live in The Woodlands, and decided to take a little staycation near downtown Houston (roughly 45+ minutes from our home). We spent the weekend in a hotel, ate at super cute and yummy restaurants, indulged in a few fun activities, and even went shopping. It was a pretty packed weekend, but such a great getaway!

So, I’ll be sharing my top five date spots in Houston! Places to eat, places to play (yes— adults can play!), and places to shop.

1. Cute Brunch Date!

Sweet Paris Creperie and Cafe is a wonderful, cute little brunch spot with multiple locations across the greater Houston area. The menu is extensive, but not overwhelming! They have sweet and savory crepes (Trevor got the Oreo one and it literally tastes like an Oreo cookie… but better!), as well as other breakfast options. I got the French breakfast! There’s also waffles, soups, salads, and paninis— and they all look delicious. For drinks, Trevor and I got the Nutella and marshmallow hot chocolate, and the iced Mayan chocolate (aka chocolate milk for grown ups, which was right up my alley) They also serve mimosas and other alcoholic beverages!

The atmosphere was fantastic. There is so much natural light, greenery, and beautiful glass chandeliers. There were lots of little Parisian details as well! I highly recommend trying out any of their locations.

2. Best Interactive Date!

I cannot stop raving about The Color Factory!! So much so that now my youngest sister is having her birthday there! It is essentially an interactive art exhibit with multiple rooms, all with different themes and activities. Along the way you collect different treats; this includes your choice of macaroon, gummies, flash frozen ice cream, mochi, and more!

Each room is set up with at least one, if not multiple smart cameras that take high quality photos of you—which are then sent directly to your email after your visit. The staff helps you set this up at the beginning of your visit (don’t worry, it’s super easy and quick). You move through each room with your group at your own pace, which is so nice! There are plenty of things to look at, interact with, and photo ops to take advantage of. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful as well.

3. Multi-Faceted Lunch Date!

One of the most highly recommended restaurants you are likely to hear about is Tiny Boxwoods. And for good reason! Not only is the atmosphere relaxed and picturesque, surrounded by greenery and open seating spaces, but the food is excellent. Trevor ordered the Lucky Burger and, I’m not lying here, it was the best burger I had ever eaten. I got the Turkey Avocado club with the gluten free wrap and it was super yummy too! For dessert we got the chocolate cake and it was delicious! They did a really good job of creating a moist, rich cake that didn’t overwhelm you after a couple bites. So the food portion— 10/10!!

One of the coolest parts about Tiny Boxwoods in particular, is that it is connected to multiple greenhouses and an extensive garden center! Everyone is free to stroll through the lush greenery and outdoor displays. It feels like you have entered a whole different world apart from the city. It’s a great way to relax and digest the yummy food after you’ve eaten!

4. Fun & Affordable Shopping Date!

Thrift shopping is one of the greatest ways to find cute clothing at an affordable price. It also feels more like a scavenger hunt/adventure because you never know what you might find! Trevor and I visited three thrift stores that are all right next to each other. Petty Cash is more on the expensive side, and they have quite the variety of sports options. My favorite is Pavement— it’s the biggest of the three, and has endless racks of shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, and just about anything else you could imagine! There is a range in prices, but for the most part everything is on the cheaper side. The last shop is called the Leopard Lounge, and it’s directly connected to Pavement—although they are different stores. This is the ideal spot for truly vintage clothing. Whether you are looking for a costume or cosplay piece, or old trends that are becoming new again, this is the place for you! They also have a decent collection of vintage graphic tees and jackets.

This is a fun date for a multitude of reasons— most people enjoy shopping, but even for those that don’t, this tends to be fun (I dread going to clothing stores, but thrift shops feel like a treasure hunt!) But it’s also very easy to turn it into a game. For example, you and your partner could go in with the goal of buying the other person the most ridiculous outfit they can find—which should be easy! You don’t have to spend oodles of cash, but you do get a good laugh in, as well as the ability to build some quality memories. Regardless of if you are wanting to shop intentionally, browse for fun, or turn it into a game, thrifting is a great option!

5. Chill Outdoor Date! (With a Bonus Dessert Idea!)

I love taking walks, and a park is the perfect place to do that! There are plenty of parks in the Houston area, but we went to Hermann Park in the museum district, and loved it. It’s so big, with loads of spaces to sit and have a picnic— on the ground or on the benches and tables provided! There are walking paths with plenty of room for couples, groups, solo walkers, bikers, and dogs. There is a lovely pond with a large fountain in one part of the park, where you can get access to a restaurant and the ticket booth. Trevor and I took advantage of the latter, and rode the train through the park as the sun was setting; it was lovely!! It’s a great way to relax and rest your feet after all the walking.

Once the sun has truly gone down, the lighting gets pretty limited. But if you’re not ready for the night to end, I would highly suggest making a pit stop at Crumbl Cookies. There menu changes weekly (chocolate chip and iced sugar cookies are always in stock) and the flavor options they have are absolutely wonderful. The cookies are large, which was perfect for us because we were able to take them back to our family to share. They have an app that makes it really easy to order and pick up whenever you like!

If you’re in the Houston area, I hope you keep these places in mind! Don’t forget— keep dating your partner, whatever that may look like at the time.

Lauren grew up believing that airports were her second home. She also dreamed that she was destined to be a Disney princess... and although that didn't exactly happen, she is a Disney College Program alumni with a passion for family and unique experiences. As the oldest of five kids and a newlywed, she understands the value of being together and creating lasting memories. She has lived overseas twice, been to five of the seven continents, and cannot wait to continue to explore the world with her husband. ​ Her desire is to create magic in every moment she encounters. Her faith in Jesus guides her, and her love for people and pixie dust is what pushes Lauren to go the extra mile.

Lauren is a College of Disney Knowledge Graduate, Universal Orlando Resort Specialist, Sandals Certified Specialist, Hawaii Vacation Specialist, Seabourn Specialist, and CLIA Member.


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