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Miraval Austin Review

I was grateful to get away for three nights to Miraval Austin.

Miraval is an all inclusive luxury wellness resort. Their Mission is to inspire a life in balance through mindfulness and their Vision is to be the most imaginative, authentic and meaningful wellness experience. I have had an interest in going to Miraval since 2007 when I saw the Miraval exclusive equine experience featured on Oprah. Being a horse lover and understanding how horses are creatures of the present moment, I was highly Intrigued by this exclusive experience.

Upon arrival I was greeted so warmly. I was given items to help me relax and be present for my stay. A tote bag, reusable water bottle, and “cell phone sleeping bag”.

Miraval encourages disconnecting from devices during your stay. You’re welcome to use your phone in your room. Outside of your room there are designated areas to use your phone. I can’t tell you how relaxing it was to completely unplug! It was also so nice eating in the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen where people were having conversations and not looking at their phones. The dining was a major highlight of this stay. All healthy options with locally sourced food. My usually start of my day with gluten-free blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit or a fresh smoothie

I ended the day with options like butternut squash ravioli made with house-made pasta.

During the day there is a café that is open that offers smoothies coffees and teas as well as assorted sandwiches and other treats. Each class I attended was very informative. I was so impressed with the knowledge level of each presenter. I learned so much about healthy eating, metabolism, and benefits of even a few minutes of deep breathing and meditation to start and end your day. The class offerings are seemingly endless. The programming list is incredibly diverse! There are over 50 different classes offered daily. And for the Miraval Exclusive Equine Experience? It was everything I hoped it would be. When the equine specialist came to meet me for my group class l was the only one there for the class! So my experience ended up being a private one. What a gift . When I got in the van to ride to the barn I told Leigh the equine coach how I first learned about Miraval on a 2007 Oprah episode. I told her I had wanted to do this experience ever since watching that episode. She couldn’t believe it ! She had watched the same episode and it is what inspired her to come work at Miraval! I came back feeling refreshed and educated with tools that will serve me for the rest of my life.

Wanna learn even more about Miraval? Contact me to get started!

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