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5 Things I Can't Travel Without

Heidi's Top Five Travel Must-Haves Include:

1. Sound machine that is actually an app on my iPhone. I use a fan noise to help lull me to sleep and it drowns out the noises of unfamiliar hotels.

2. Pop Up Hamper. Whether it's a weekend trip or a week long trip, I always pack a pop up hamper. This is so easy to store in your luggage. When I arrive at my destination, I "pop" up the hamper and put it in the corner of the room (or bathroom) to store all my dirty clothes. Then, at the end of the trip, I simply fold up the hamper with the dirty clothes in it and put in my luggage. When I get home, I place the hamper full of my dirty clothes straight into the laundry room...viola!

3. Baby/Talcum Powder. This is a multi-purpose item that I mainly use for removing sand on my body when visiting the beach. I also use it to sprinkle on sheets to keep them nice and cool, and the powder will absorb any sweat as well. When your shoes aren't smelling their best, fill with baby powder and let set overnight. Dump out and enjoy like-new shoes.

4. Snacks. You really won't like me when I'm husband can testify to this :) So, I try to avoid hunger pains by always having some form of snack on hand. I usually pack some form of protein bars, candy (cuz a girl needs her chocolate) and trail mix.

5. Portable Chargers. As a travel agent, I am always working..even when I'm on my personal vacations. Carrying a portable charger allows me the freedom to travel the world and stay plugged in!

What item(s) are a "must have" for you when traveling?

Contact Heidi at 281-380-3437 or Online Now to learn more packing tips/tricks and book your next vacation with her!

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